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We create experiences, not just designs. Every product, be it an app, website or software, is different from the other and requires special attention to detail and thorough research to ensure that it serves its purpose well while looking unique and beautiful.


User-experience is the buzzword in the market now especially for Mobile Applications. Today, the user experience of an app has become equally as important as the quality and functionality that the app delivers. A good user experience differentiates a brilliant app from a good app. There is no doubt that a good user experience can help you sell your products and services better.

BaseTube offers UX/UI design services. We can work with your team in various capacities on tasks including requirement study, brainstorming, wireframe designs and developing UIs on multiple platforms. Our dedicated team of professionals can design and develop stunning user experiences for your apps that make them unique and special.



  • A specialized design team working on UX
  • Active R&D continues for improving UX
  • Use of latest tools and technologies
  • You do not need a design team in-house
  • You can focus on the other aspects of the project
  • Timely delivery at competitive prices

MULTI PLATFORMWe Work on Multiple Platforms

Introducing a platform oriented approach is a brilliant idea when designing apps. We combine platform specific conventions along with native platform experiences from the user perspective to drive your apps towards exquisite excellence.


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As a creative design studio we intend to become your creative partner that works with you closely in delivering top quality innovative design and visualization solutions that redefine your brand, its products and services.
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